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We Provide Fee-only, Comprehensive Financial Planning and Fiduciary Advice to X/Y Generation Clients and Current or Former Government Employees

To be a true holistic wealth advisor for the next generation of families and government employees.

It is said that a penny saved is a penny earned. As a populace, Americans earn and spend the most of their wealth each year.

So why is the financial planning industry so narrowly focused on providing investment or insurance advice?

Furthermore, there is only a small group of those individuals who receive guidance that is timely, meaningful, or effective.

Our goal is to match the level of engagement, within multiple channels, to advance the progress people make towards meeting their goals where they are.

Create a solid foundation you will be glad you had in future years! GPE will help you determine what job offer you should accept, whether you are ready to buy that house, or help you navigate your work benefits, and much more!

Our crème de la crème service!

Includes Gamma Planning Premium offer, with financial planning pricing, plus AUM. VIP Call routing. Comprehensive Financial planning with Turn-key Discretionary investment advice and implementation!

Benefits of Essentials included, plus forecast how well your assumptions on growth and deferrals will meet your expectations for your retirement nest egg. We can help with Social Security optimization to make your hard earned benefits stretch.

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Next Generation Prepping and Education

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