Consider giving the gift of a strong financial foundation.

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I have never met anyone close to retirement, who didn’t say they would do things differently if they were younger.


 Gamma Planning Essentials (GPE), which is about the price of a mid-quality gym membership, will help you create a solid foundation you won’t regret you had in your future years. GPE will help you determine what job offer you should accept, whether you are ready to buy that house, or help you navigate your work benefits, and much more!


Think of it as a six-month boot camp, where we address your concerns, and build structure for your future, on what you need to know, without a dissertation on things that don’t matter to you. Afterwards you can continue to receive support month-to-month, with real-time guidance as you need it, or you can cancel at any time.

  • General Financial Planning
  • Employee Benefits
  • Insurance Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Aging, Legacy, and Estate Planning

Career Development Coaching

Written Budget

Big Ticket Item Financing Conversation

"Can I Afford It?" Conversation 

Real-Time Financial Behavioral Coaching

Personal Balance Sheet and Net Worth Calculation

Dynamic Debt Repayment Plan

Referrals Where Appropriate

Analysis and Explanation of your Benefits Package

Annual Medical Enrollment Conversation

Comparison and Recommendation Of Employee Benefits for Married Couples

Insurance Needs Analysis

Reviews Or Recommendations For The Following Insurance Coverages:

-Small Business Insurance recommendation

Retirement Needs Analysis

Retirement Vehicle Recommendation

Traditional vs. Roth conversation

Discussion Of Impact Of Special Circumstances, Such As Windfalls

Tax Reduction/Management Techniques

Small Business Start-Up Entity Guidance

Small Business Retirement Plan Vehicle Recommendation

Strategies To Manage Your Assets During Temporary or Permanent Periods of Legal Incapacitation (Diminished Capacity, Alzheimer’s, Surgery, Etc.)

Estate Planning for Non-Traditional Relationships

Blended-Family Estate Planning Recommendations

Review and Recommendation On How To Best Title Property

Quarterly Newsletter

One-time Engagement

(Up To Three Categories)
$ 250
  • 90 Minute Consultation

Quarterly Engagement

Up Front Fee of $270
$ 270 / QTR
  • 25% Savings!
Best Value


(6 Months Minimum)
$ 119 / mo
  • First Payment Due After 30 days!

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