I am going to say something, you probably will not hear from your financial advisor. If you have the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) from the federal government, in most cases it makes sense to leave your investments there.

The TSP, being the largest deferred compensation plan on earth, provides economies of scale which leads to after cost returns which are extremely difficult to reproduce. Nevertheless, there are other planning areas outside of your execution of your investment plan. This is where Gamma Planning Premium comes in. We can help you forecast how well you are assumptions on growth and deferrals will meet your expectations for your retirement nest egg.

We can help you determine social security optimization strategies which you and your partner can use to make your hard-earned benefits stretch. We can also help you determine which combination of overlapping medical retiree benefits makes sense given your circumstances, and more.

If you are at the stage where you have what you need, we can help you address your legacy and long-term plan on making sure your assets are managed in the instance you may not be capable.

Typical Client

Mid-career professionals who has an investment provider they are comfortable with, and wishes to receive independent investment recommendations, or a second-opinion from time to time.

Independent contractors who are self-starters but would like to get help with growing their business, while staying on top of their personal financial management.

Government employees nearing retirement who have unique retiree medical, social security coordination concerns about transitioning, and wish to establish a dynamic withdrawal strategy.

  • Includes Gamma Planning Essential Services+
  • Insurance Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Aging, Legacy, and Estate Planning

General Financial Planning Plus Implementation Assistance


Employee Benefits Analysis and Recommendations


Insurance Planning


Retirement Planning


Tax Planning


Aging, Legacy, and Estate Planning

Review and Planning for Retiree Medical Needs

Non-discretionary Investment Advice


Creation Of An Investment Plan For Meeting Specific Goals


Company Deferred Compensation Plan (i.e. 401k, 457, 403B) Asset Allocation Recommendations


Asset Location Advice


Second Opinion On Investment Plans Presented By Other

Review and Recommendation on Generation Wealth Transfer Strategies, and Other Business Succession Planning Techniques

Assessing Estate Net Worth and Liquidity

One-time Engagement

(Up To Three Categories)
$ 370
  • 90 Minute Consultation

Quarterly Engagement

Up Front Fee of $450
$ 450 / QTR
  • 25% Savings!
Best Value

Subscription Model

(6 Months Minimum)
$ 199 / mo

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