Investment Philosophy and Process

We will seek a proper balance between seeking out opportunities and protecting your wealth.


We also believe that helping clients understand what they hold is instrumental to their success; comfort with your investment plan is a requisite. Each of our portfolios are created with that in mind. We will include the level of complexity to portfolio decisions our clients feel comfortable with. We will also exclude companies which clients disagree on holding for ethical considerations.

After determining the hierarchy of competing objectives for each client, we determine a risk profile and appropriate asset allocation. Within each asset class and sub-asset class, we determine whether to use a passive or active strategy, with a bias towards passive when there is no sufficiently compelling reason to do otherwise.


Although, 99% of variability in a client’s performance and risk profile between potential portfolios, is driven by asset allocation decisions, we believe there are a meaningful enough number of opportunities to uncover value. Said another way, we believe in the semi-weak hypothesis of efficient market theory.

Information is not disseminated evenly; universally agreed as valid, or appreciated by market participants in magnitude. That is, for the most part, markets will trend towards efficiency, but due to a number of factors, there are reasons to expect future opportunities will persist.


A typical portfolio would hold an actively managed fixed income allocation, passively management Large capitalization companies, and a blended approach of active and passive strategies for mid- and small- cap companies. Within a client’s equity/growth allocation, we would hold between 1 to 10% of contrarian, secular growth, or strongly vetted private equity opportunities.

 We do our best to foster an open dialogue about your evolving needs, and question our own assumptions about the market. Absent disagreements about foundational beliefs required for us to do our job, we will never dictate which needs should be most important to you. If our philosophy and yours, are too incongruent, we may candidly, and respectfully decline the opportunity to work with you.

We look forward to discussing with you about how we will help you and your family meet your goals.