Services For Emerging Business Owners

Key observations:


● 78% of business owners expect to use the value of their business to fund their retirement income needs (FPA/CNBC Business Owner Succession Planning Survey, 2019).


● The typical business owners expect to use the proceeds of the sale of their business to fund between 60 and 100% of their retirement needs (FPA/CNBC Business Owner Succession Planning Survey, 2019).


● Only, 30% of business owners have a formal succession plan (FPA/CNBC Business Owner Succession Planning Survey, 2019).


● Only 36% of businesses offer Non-retirement financial planning advice to their employees (SHRM, 2019.)


Adding value requires that a true wealth advisor will need to integrate Human capital decisions with Financial capital decisions.

It would be wrong to ignore the obvious; the typical American millionaire, becomes a millionaire, through private equity or real estate speculation, and not the trading of financial instruments. Nevertheless, ignoring this fact is what most financial planners and wealth advisors do every day.


At Gamma Wealth Management, we support you in the maximization of the pursuits which get you to where you need to be while being open to different strategies.


Whether it is to help you attract and retain great talent through the addition of a deferred compensation plan, help you groom the next generation of leaders to execute the succession plan of your business or create an income replacement portfolio, Gamma Wealth Management helps you with it all.


What Gamma Wealth Management offers:


● Holistic, integrated, and objective financial planning advice, that doesn’t always end with a recommendation to sell your business and invest into something an investment manager can charge a fee on.


● Business Formation recommendation and support Get help on defining the right type of entity to start your business and a sounding board for your business plan.


● Employer Benefits Retirement Plan design recommendation and implementation, to help you attract and retain talent for your business, and decrease the administrative burden.


● Discounted Comprehensive Financial Planning, for participants of a plan advised by Gamma Wealth Management.


● Connections to Business Consultants, with decades of experience, that will help your organization grow and expand, through Talent Development, leadership training, success planning, coaching, and strategy.